Friday, March 07, 2008


Friday cat blogging...not the usual cats.

Last weekend, my sister invited me over to ride horses. Imagine how sad we were when we found the horses too tired to gallup, trot, or even walk. Well, we found out why! The cats have been riding the horses without Sis knowing - pictured is Sam riding Prince VanDoe. Sammie is behind, waiting for the next scary cat. The cats get the horses all sweaty and tired, then allow them to roll in the muddy pasture. We ended up with the options of watching TV or playing Go Fish, instead!...and it's not like you can spank or scold these cats. They have claws! This kitty (Jessie) is their leader. Would you try to scold THIS cat?

Happy Friday! As always, check out the wonderful animal pictures linked for Friday Ark at The Modulator.

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