Sunday, July 22, 2018


First kayaking experience of the year.

It felt good to finally get back on the water.  I had been thinking about it since May!

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Saturday, July 21, 2018


Saturday, July 21, 2018

It’s been a hot and tiring summer!  My boy, Dan D Lion, has been a very good boy, most times.  He caught and ate a bunch of mice, killed a couple moles, and even a little creature that might be a vole.  He also killed a bird.  I was not very happy about that!  He brought a couple baby rabbits to the door and ate them in front of the indoor kitties.  Not to be outdone, they caught a mouse, and one of them ate it in front of the door.


Monday, January 01, 2018


Happy New Year - 2018

Here's hoping that the new year brings good changes and good health for all of us, our families, and our pets!


Sunday, November 26, 2017


Parker Dmitri R.I.P.

I fell asleep in the recliner, last night. Parker Dmitri + other cats slept on top of me. Around 4:00AM, I woke and saw PD on the mat. I thought she was sleeping. After a bit, I looked to see if there was a heartbeat. There wasn't. Goodbye, my darling little cat. Thank you for the eight years of companionship. We will miss you. R.I.P.

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Sunday, October 29, 2017


A couple pictures.

Deer - early morning.
Morning sun.
Morning sun - another day.
Dan-D-Lion's A-frame.

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Sunday, August 13, 2017


Float Trip Pictures

Friends and I took a took a float down Perche Creek. It is supposed to connect with the Missouri River. We didn't get that far, though. There were several motor boats out, too. The waves as they slowly passed were fun. If they had gone fast, any of us might have tipped over.

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Saturday, August 12, 2017


Some pictures from my yard

One little hummingbird, plotting how he can get all the food.

Five hummingbirds trying to figure out how safe it is.

The morning glories are glorious!

Chi-chi (Che-che, Sunny, or Sunshine) is no longer a puppy.

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Monday, May 15, 2017


May 15, 2017

14 or 15 weeks old.  Che-Che goes for more shots, this week.

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Tuesday, May 09, 2017


Another puppy picture.

Sunshine now goes by "Che-Che".  Since she's still a puppy, it's hard to get her attention.  The "Ch" of Che-Che catches her attention much better than Sunshine. 

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Thursday, April 20, 2017


New pup on the block.

That's my new puppy, Sunshine.  She also goes by "Sunny".  I picked her up a Walmart near me.


Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Cat photobomb?

There are several pictures on the Internet that show pictures being taken as a cat walks into the shot.
Cat Photobombs
This photo was from late last fall. Dan D. Lion decided to get into the picture, just as I took it. Nice!

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Sunday, November 27, 2016


Just thinking about things.

While driving down a road, in a town near me, I saw this backyard. It was so interesting, I had to turn into the next street and find my way back. I thought it was photo-worthy. It gives me some ideas on other yard animals that would be fun to create. Maybe I will.

What an election, huh?!? I was saddened for a while...well, truth to tell, still am saddened, but then thought about those second amendment folks, and how HC was (more or less) threatened with them. I don't think the president-elect really wanted the presidency. He was too caught up in his rhetoric, and planning on all the financial deals he could make from running. Now, it looks as though he can still make all sorts of financial deals because of existing laws that (he says - and apparently others agree) make the president immune from conflict of interest! What?

I'm all for recounts of WI, MI, and PA! ...And if they find the counts were messed with, perhaps all the states need recounts. Good call, Jill Stein!

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Sunday, August 21, 2016

The dinner plate sized hibiscus bloomed for quite some time. Dan D Lion likes to sit in front of his flowers, on his chair. Many times, when I sit in one of the chairs, he likes to sit on the table.

I hope the summer has been good to everyone.

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Saturday, May 28, 2016


Happy Result.

Dan D Lion.
I took Dan D. Lion to the vet to get his shots. I also asked them to check him for FIV. His test came back negative. YAY!!

Dan D. celebrated the good news by catching a mouse or two. Lately, he's also been catching the moles that don't know better than to tunnel in my yard. What a good cat!

Happy Friday Saturday! As always, check out the wonderful animal pictures linked for Friday Ark at The Modulator.

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Saturday, November 07, 2015



2009 - September 6, 2015. RIP my beautiful Orangecat. She was only six years old.

It's taken me a while to feel like writing about it.

The Labor Day holiday weekend started off rocky. I couldn't immediately find Orangecat. The previous weekend, she was gone until Sunday, but appeared after the neighbors left. I wondered if she had been hanging out with them. She didn't seem to have much of an appetite, but I wasn't worried - she was an outside cat, after all. She was known to catch and eat mice, so she would have a good food source.

The worry started when she disappeared Wednesday. The neighbors came back. I decided to go ask them, on Friday, if they'd seen her, if she hadn't come back by then.

I called her name all the way over to the neighbors' place. When I asked if they had seen her, they said they hadn't and agreed to let me know if they did. I called all the way back to my place. As I was coming back up the drive, she wobbled into view. I couldn't determine what was wrong with her. She seemed so tired, so I figured the kids next door might have been playing with her. I put her in the large animal carrier for the night, so I could keep an eye on her. The next morning, I could see that she had taken a drink and used the litter box, but hadn't eaten any of the wet cat food.

I called her vet, but they were too busy to take another case. So, I brought her inside, tried to tempt her to eat Fancy Feast. She has been known to eat dog food, so I went to the nearest store and picked up a couple different types of dog food and cat food. She wouldn't eat. I blocked the kitchen, and allowed her the run of it. She just layed there on the towel. At one point, she wobbled over to the door, and lay there, panting.

Fateful Sunday, I cooked an egg and mashed it, added some water and tried feeding her. She swallowed some of it, but wouldn't eat on her own. We drove to the store and got some baby food. After getting very little down her, I called a different vet clinic. The on-call vet told me that there would be an additional Emergency/after hours fee, and agreed to meet me at the clinic.

First thing the vet said was, "oh, she's so pale, she's probably losing blood somewhere." I found out she was looking at kitty's gums. They were almost white. Doc asked me if Orangecat had been checked for leukemia and FIV.

Orangecat had Feline Leukemia shots, so she shouldn't have that. Doc took a sample of blood. It was clear like cherry koolaid. Unfortunately, for my poor kitty, she was diagnosed with FIV. The vet said that there wasn't anything they could do, unless I really wanted to take her to the vet school for a transfusion. It would have been about $1000, and her future time would be iffy. Doc give her the final shot. I brought her home, and buried her.

Adding to the depression... Doc said that the way FIV is passed on is through the mom (very rarely) or through cat bites - usually stray tom cats. Who does that sound like? DanDLion was a stray tom cat. He was a horrible cat. He chased and bit the girl cats. Grey Feather got out one day, and he almost killed her. Both she and Orangecat loathed him, even after he was fixed. So, now I have to decide, do I want to have DanDLion, Midnight, and Grey Feather checked for FIV? Do I want to know? The only cat that still bites, sometimes, is DanDLion. He keeps opossums, raccoons, and stray cats away, he also kills lots of mice. I guess (when the cats have to get shots) I will have the doc check them for FIV.

Anyway, I was too depressed to write anything, and this is the reason why.

As always, check out the wonderful animal pictures linked for Friday Ark at The Modulator.


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