Monday, November 29, 2004


Why my posting name is trailertrash

When deciding on a posting name, I thought about using some of the various names I use to comment on various other blogsites, I decided to go ahead and use this one because:

1) I live in a mobile home (otherwise known as a trailer).
2) People are vary disparaging when they talk about mobile home dwellers; hence the term - trailertrash.

Living in a trailer park means cheaper rent than living in an apartment and due to some unfortunate choices made in the past, I cannot yet afford a house. Maybe, someday, I will have a house to live in, but I realize that people who live in trailer parks are not all yokels. Many parks require the residents to own their homes. The parks also have very strict rules regarding cars, yards, the condition of the mobile home, noise, fights, visitors, and animals.
There are a lot of other things that I have not mentioned.

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