Friday, December 23, 2005


Friday cat model blogging and griping.

I get home from work and look at my E-mail and what do I see? Well, it wasn't a Christmas gift of $300.00. No, it was:
You've been tagged...
So, I go to check the comments on the last post and what do I see? It wasn't a Christmas gift of $300.00, either. No, it was:
Tag! You're it!

Eli | Homepage | 12.23.05 - 12:01 am | #

What does that have to do with Friday cat blogging, you ask? Not a thing. I just wanted to gripe a little.
Now, if you look at the cat model at the top left, you'll see Cotton, who's modeling a beautiful white cat fur coat. The next model, top, is Mango. He's modeling the latest in cat fur sleeping wear. In the middle is Rocky Girl. She's modeling a cat fur outfit perfect to wear as a cat burgler. Our final model, Lady Fortuna, is just showing off her Tiger blanket.

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