Sunday, February 05, 2006


I agree, let's send them to Fargo, ND.

Fargo or Bust, by Charley Reese. Charley thought it all through. His ideas are so logical and straight forward. I really enjoyed the article.
...In Fargo, free from the temptations of Imperial Washington – with all of its plush accommodations, fancy restaurants and hordes of sycophants and lobbyists – Congress might actually settle down and do some work. It never, by the way, completes its work on time in Washington.

It would also be satisfying just to see the politicians, the vast majority of whom are chicken hawks who avoided military service like the plague, live in conditions at least somewhat similar to those they force upon the military around the world. Moreover, Fargo, which is on the border of Minnesota, is a solid blue-collar city of 75,000 people used to hard work. They would be a far better influence on our public legislators than the rich lawyers and lobbyists who inhabit Washington...

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