Friday, July 28, 2006


Friday cat blogging...

...with someone else's cats. Here, we have a manx cat... wait, that's a dog! How did that picture get in my cat blogging photos?
Her name is Lucy Lou or Cindy Lou - something like that. She answers to anything, really. I was visiting my friend, and the dog was allowed inside. She came bounding in as though she didn't want to miss a minute of my visit.

Next, we have a cat doing what cats do best. She's been busy sleeping, so was very tired when I arrived. She had to get ready to take a nap so she wouldn't be as tired when she started her next nap:)

As you see, there are no pictures of my cats in this post. I might have a picture, or two, on my camera, just didn't feel like uploading it, right now. They'll have to wait til later. I missed getting a really cute picture, last night. Mango was walking past my chair and Rocky Girl was walking beside him. They headed down the hall, with Mango stopping now and again. RG would stop, too. Every time he would start up, again, she would, too. It looked like she was annoying him, but they are the best of friends. Tonite, they were sitting right next to each other, as though conversing, or cooking up trouble. I stopped it by giving them treats.

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