Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Hi Friends!

My best friend, from work, retired a couple years ago. I called him, recently, to remind him that several friends are getting together for a monthly supper. He didn't answer, so I left a message on his answering machine. Today, I called him and didn't leave a message when he didn't answer. This afternoon, he called and asked me if I'd heard what happened to him? I told him no, and that I had tried to call him this morning. He hadn't realized.

He's the type of guy who keeps active. He's been riding his bike a lot. He does the 50 mile and 30 mile trips. He'd already ridden several this spring. A couple weeks ago, though, hanging out at home, he felt like he was punched in the stomach. He ended up on the floor. He started feeling better, so drove himself to the hospital. He'd suffered a heart attack. He had to have surgery on his clogged arteries, but is, now, out of the hospital and recouperating. He told the doctor he couldn't understand why it happened, since he is so active. The doctor told him that all that exercise probably helped, in the long run, from the attack causing much damage to his heart.

This incident reminds me that it really is important to exercise and watch what we eat. It may not stop the problem, but could help the healing. It also reminds me to remember to call, and visit, the people I treasure most.

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