Friday, December 26, 2008


Friday Cat Blogging - catfood

I am in fear. Could someone send me a bag of cat food. Purina is what they are used to. We ran out. Grey Feather was really hungry. She refused regular people food. I don't know who she will attack next.

It started out as a regular X-mas day. We didn't have money for presents because we decided to fix the car. Besides the insurance settlement, I'm going to have to fork over 200-300. extra. And, besides, the insurance totalled my car. So, the kitties didn't get the treats and food they were counting on.

I put chicken parts in the pot to boil, thinking we could have a nice X-mas chicken and egg noodle soup. Oh yeah, I got the flu (and I had the flu shot. I am pissed!) or at least something nasty that I wouldn't want to pass on to relatives. It could have been from co-workers, or it could have been from Rocky Girl (she sneezed in my face, several times while we were in bed). My ears are all stopped up, my nose is red, snotty, and raw. My head isn't very clear, right now. My fingers are all thumbs. Temperature seems to increase, then decrease in sudden fluctuations. My eyes aren't as focused as usual. I don't feel good, at all.

So, after checking some work projects, I started the chicken to boil, with celery, onions, carrots, and finely chopped pecans. I had some Mango Rum (purchased on the cruise) and orange juice. There were vegetables in the frig that had been there too long. I took them out to the compost area. I blew my nose. I filled my glass with more rum and egg nog, since I ran out of juice. I cleaned the cat box. I blew my nose. I watched more of the 50 martial arts movies that I purchased from I blew my nose. I painted my fingernails. I blew my nose.

I turned around and found that Grey Feather couldn't wait for the chicken. Poor Cotton. We loved him dearly. I guess we'll throw what's left in the pot with the chicken. Maybe it's the rum talking, but Cotton tastes just like chicken.

Happy Friday! As always, check out the wonderful animal pictures linked for Friday Ark at The Modulator.

Merry X-mas.

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