Monday, March 09, 2009


Today, Cotton "ran away".

After a sleepless weekend, for both Cotton and me, I decided it was time to go see the vet. Cotton had lost interest in food, and could barely put his tongue in the water. He had a temperature, on Wednesday, when we first went to the vet, and he never got better. After days of his weakly moving about, and crying out, I think he was in a great deal of pain and his bodily functions had shut down. His circulation was shot, and his kidneys were enlarged. Any food I managed to get into him, he threw up. Water was thrown up, too.

I'm not sure it was the best thing to do, but I knew if we hooked him to IVs and IF he got better, he would probably end up in a diabetic coma, since I could seldom find his hiding places. The doc asked if I was sure I wanted to have him put to sleep. I said, "yes". I signed the paper that said he had not clawed or bit anyone in the last 10 days. The doc stuck the needle of poison into Cotton's heart.

I buried him next to his best friend, Saddie. When Saddie died, Cotton roamed around looking and calling for him, for weeks. He never loved the rest of the cats as much as he loved Saddie.

Cotton was the wonderful white kitty who made sure I went to work with the required amount of white hairs on my clothing, every day. When he was a youngster, he would go to do something, and fall asleep part way toward his goal. When he was two, he had a major surgery that left him freezing. He learned how warm it was under the blankets. Most every night, he would come to the head of the covers and I would lift them for him to crawl under.

If there is a heaven, I hope it's for kitties. They are wonderful creatures who do so much for their human companions. Goodbye, my beautiful Cotton, you gave me nine wonderful years. You are loved, and will be missed.

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