Monday, August 05, 2013


Where is Oldwhitelady?

I'm sorry I haven't posted anything, since June.  I was getting ready to move to the country.  It sure took a lot of time and effort...and money. 

My mobile home was moved, set up and tied down.  Now, I have to put the skirting back on.  So far, we've put almost all of the section that attaches to the trailer, that holds the skirting, back on.  Boy, was that a chore!  It was like a puzzle, finding all the screw holes that fit each piece.  Now, there's another piece that nails into the ground, that has to be placed, before skirting can be fitted.  Since the trailer is not at the same depth as before, we will have to cut skirting, and buy more.  Whew!  So far, I had the land cleared, a lagoon dug, the piers dug and poured, the mobile home moved, electric turned on, and Internet set up. 

I still don't have water.  I've checked with the water company, and it will cost a huge sum.  They marked it out a couple weeks ago, but I've heard nothing, since.  My cousin called me yesterday, and suggested a well.  I really don't want to go that route, because I think the water might be polluted, knowing the background of the acreage to the side of me.  I'm getting ready to call the water company, again, and find out if they can do it, and if so, when. 

The ground is all bare and muddy.  We've laid down some grass seed and a small amount of hay.  Hope it grows.  I also hope to be online, more, now that so much has been accomplished.

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