Monday, June 13, 2005


Damn Me

Saturday, at work, I had several calls, from clients, that their results hadn't come over the printer. When they called, I would force the results through to them. Yesterday afternoon, the thought occurred to me to call the company computer guy. I forgot to do so. It wasn't like it was really a problem, right? HA!

I got to work Sunday morning (on time) and one of the high-uppers was already there. He came in as I was putting down my stuff (purse, camera, coffee mug). He said one of the clients didn't get their results from Saturday and if I could print them, he would take them over. Oh oh, I didn't quite know how to print a list of that client's Saturday's patients. I knew how to print a list for the week, but that would have been extreme. Luckily, he did know how, so he printed out the list for me, which I used to print the hard copies and also forced the results through the computer.

As soon as he left, I called the company computer guy who immediately came to work. He checked everything and it turned out that no results had gone yesterday. He called the company for the software and got them working on it. Meanwhile, he forced over results. The company finally got it all fixed about 4 hours later. Thank goodness, I decided to call the CCG. If it would have waited until Monday, there would have been a horrible mess.

Some funny things I learned:
1) The CCG thinks I work all the weekends.
2) When he says "She seems nice." He really means "She's pretty hot." (this was in reference to a young lady who brought in some reqs)
3) He says that when men walk into a room, they immediately check out the cute girls. He said women do the same (competition).

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