Friday, June 17, 2005


Do you mind if we speak Arabic?

I've worked at the same place for the last eight years. During that time, I've carpooled with several people. I started out riding with Lady1. I've known her for a great many years. We worked at the same place (she, 23 years, and I, 17 years)before this job. I rode with her for several months before Guy1 decided he wanted to carpool. The three of us rode together until Lady1 changed jobs. Then Guy1 and I rode together for several months when Guy2 started riding. He doesn't work at the same place, just the same town. He was born in another country but has lived in the USA for the last 20-30 years.
Guy3, one of my co-workers at the time, asked if he could ride, too. He's a devout Republican. I didn't realize how much toll it takes on a person, having to listen to the Republican mind-set, thirty minutes, twice a day. Guy1 had his hours changed and quit the carpool.
Lady2 came on board. She and Guy3 talked a lot of Republican crap. One time, Guy3 got in the car and complained about "those damn Democrats." I pointed out that all the representatives had a hand in whatever fool issue he was bitching about. He also complained about going to his brother's house and what a mess it was. "His brother's wife was a bad housekeeper and she really needed to clean the place up." She works, brother works - I asked why it was the S-I-L's fault their house was a mess? If they were so inclined, the two of them could clean it up. Otherwise, who's business is it? This guy really bothered me! He seemed to feel he was above everyone else. He pointed at a car, driving along, that had a different color hood and door. He asked, "how would you like to ride in thatcar?" I told him that as long as it drove, I had no problem with it. He also has a problem with women bosses.
Guy1's hours changed back and he asked if he could ride, again. Guy2 and I, both, like Guy1 and wanted him to ride. After a couple weeks, Guy2 informed us that he and Guy1 were going to carpool from the neighborhood they lived in. Since I live in that area, too, I asked if I could ride with them. Sure, it was ok. We left Guy3 and Lady2 riding together. So, it was back to Guy1 and Guy2. Just recently, Guy1 had to change hours again. The carpool was now just Guy2 and me. I told him there was no way I wanted to ride with Guy3, again. He said we could take our time getting another carpooler.
A couple weeks ago, he found another that works with him. Guy4 was also born in another country. He and his family have been in the USA at least 20 years. Both guys are pretty decent.
Tonight, when they picked me up, I told them I was going to take a nap. Guy2 asked, "Do you mind if we speak Arabic?"
My answer was, "No, go ahead, I'm taking a nap, anyway."
I thought it was really thoughtful, that he would even ask, when I had already declared my quest for a nap.
Throughout the trip home, I took my nap and they talked in Arabic. I really like my current carpool.

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