Saturday, June 18, 2005


Downing Street Memo

So you don't think we're just cute balls of fluff, we were out cruising the Net and found this article from a link at It's about the Downing Street Memo hearing. Conyers’ Hearing on The Memo: This evidence is so compelling, it must be investigated- period.
Apparently, the hearing was held in a very small basement room. Because it was so small, about 10 people could be in the room at one time, so they went in shifts.
...Democratic Congressmembers had to take turns shuffling back and forth between the House Floor and the basement all afternoon. In other words, Republican leaders:

  • refused to call a full hearing themselves

  • refused to give Democrats a room to hold their hearing in

  • scheduled a bunch of votes timed to intentionally disrupt the Conyers’ Hearings.

One has to ask, what are the Republican leaders afraid of? The same goes for the national news networks... what are the executives so afraid of?

NPR weighed in with a ludicrous story on All Things Considered, shamelessly pimping the Bush line. This was the most lopsided, pro-bush propaganda piece I’ve heard on NPR- and that’s saying something! They played one 40 sec clip from Cindy Sheehan, then the ’journalist’ downplayed the minutes of a top secret meeting as meaningless. Every twist to the story was bent to favor Bush, it was comical when she said there were four panelists, but listed only three- she ’forgot’ to mention 27yr CIA vet Ray McGovern.

Joe Reinhart, who wrote the article, has several interesting links. One is an audio clip containing Ray McGovern's opening speech. Another is the NPR clip. He also wrote that the media - 4 of the 5 national networks that carried something about the hearings, failed to mention Ray McGovern, at all.

Oh, and lookie here... Behind the Downing Street Memos Lurks the specter of treason, by Justin Raimondo. It's a great article, also, about the Downing Street Memos, with links to just about everything. Good golly! That man has a way with words!
The date – July 23, 2002 – is significant: if you'll remember, at that time our lying president was telling us that war with Iraq would be a "last resort." Yeah, sure. Not that anybody really believed him, but it's significant that he still felt it necessary to make the effort to deceive.

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