Sunday, June 05, 2005


LOL again

Sorry Eli, but I have to blame Wordlackey over at DemiOrator, today. I've spent too much time on the site mentioned in his post Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammo. Oh.My.Goddess. Remember in the post below, where I mentioned that they've found you can burn calories by laughing out loud? This one is definitely one of those sites.

Besides the page indicated by Wordlackey, here's another, Women Probably Don't Have Souls, from the Landover Baptist Church...Some of the women present were visibly shaken by the report. A teary eyed Sister Taffy Crockett said through choked sobs, "I've heard of colored women not having souls... but me? NO! This is outrageous!"...

and another (sorry:) TAMPONS:"Satan's Little Cotton Fingers!" ...“I explained to this young lady that we do not carry such phallic devices as tampons and when attending to her monthly curse," Mrs. Martin said, adding that "Satan himself controls the manufacturing of those things." The young woman then began to verbally abuse her, she said...

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