Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Mermaid Baby

Doctor Says Peru's "mermaid" Baby Ready for Risky Surgery
By Monte Hayes Associated Press Writer - Published: May 31, 2005

LIMA, Peru (AP) - Surgeons began a delicate operation late Tuesday on Peru's bright-eyed "little mermaid" - a baby girl born with legs fused from her thighs to her ankles. The surgery was the first of three planned to repair her rare birth defect...
...Milagros, whose name means "miracles" in Spanish, was born with a rare congenital defect known as sirenomelia, or "mermaid syndrome," which occurs in one out of every 70,000 births....
...The objective is to separate the child's legs from the heels up to the knees. The medical team will examine the knee ligaments to prepare for the next operation, which Rubio said would take place in several months....

One thing to be thankful for: the world has the technology and knowledge to perform these surgeries.

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