Saturday, June 18, 2005


Saturday morning reading.

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Hi there, I'm Sgt Mango. I think Cotton wrote that post, below. He's a sneaky little rat! I'm getting ready to go to the vet. While watching the clock, I also stopped over at Eschaton. WoodyGuthriesGuitar (aka...) linked to this page in the comments of an open thread. It's an interview with Chalmers Johnson, author of the book "The Sorrows of Empire".
...Bush and Cheney once listed between fifty and sixty countries where they wanted regime change through military means. It may turn out that Iraq will slow them down, because they're now so deeply in trouble in Iraq that they probably can't stay and can't leave. That is, if they stay, the casualties mount for the American side; it becomes politically unacceptable. If they leave, it would probably produce civil war among the Shiites, Sunnis, and Kurds, with consequences even beyond Iraq that we can't fully calculate...
...So I put it to you this way: the United States is having very real problems very rapidly. We are failing in Iraq. We have not produced a friendly regime in Afghanistan. Instead, it's looking much more like it was before 9/11, the world's largest producer of opium and a major source of terrorists...


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