Friday, June 10, 2005


Should I forward this on?

From Jerry Charles
Tel. 0022506093044

Dear Confidant,
My name is Jerry Charles; I am an accountant with one of the Leading banks here in Abidjan and a committee chairman responsible for retrieving of unclaimed deposits. I got your contact from data base information centre; in quest for the relatives of Mr. Oliver Anderson One of our good customer Who were among Victims of the 911 American Bomb blast.

Mr. Anderson was a contactor with Ivory Coast telecommunications before his UN timely death.
Ever since then, the bank has published names of missing depositors, hoping that their relatives would come up for claims, though few came up but the Andersons did not show up.


Since the bank will return the unclaimed deposits to the Government
Treasury, I personally decided to search for somebody to put up claims and have the fund transferred abroad that is where your roll is needed. I will furnish you with every official information requires for the legitimate transfer of the fund into any account you may forward to the Bank, it
Is completely risked free. The fixed amount in the said account is $10m.
Sharing ratios shall be discussed on agreement, if my proposal is acceptable to you contact me if not delete immediately without delay.
Yours truly

How did mom get E-mail meant for the OHIO GOP?

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Meow! ... from Cotton

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