Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Tell me again how it's NOT about the oil....

So, after reading Mrs. Kissfan's startling post about Kissfan and softball, I felt bad about laughing at Kissfan for his pains. I went back over to browse his blog, again. Maybe, I would apologize for laughing. Instead, after reading his latest post Well, Whaddya' Know?, I went back and re-read a couple of his earlier posts.

Starting with Another Piece of the Puzzle..., Kissfan discusses the connection of the Kyoto Treaty withdrawal by the Bush administration, to the groups that seem to have a hand in Bush administration's environmental policy But Wait...There's More to the latest newsworthy item of the
Well, Whaddya' Know? connection between Phillip Cooney and ExxonMobil....Cooney then went on to alter subsequent governmental climate change documents to downplay the significance of global warming. Everybody get that? No global warming equals no mandatory emissions controls which equals no extra financial burdens for the oil industry which equals bigger revenues...
...A former White House official and one-time oil industry lobbyist whose editing of government reports on climate change prompted criticism from environmentalists will join Exxon Mobil Corp., the oil company said Tuesday....

So many people insist that we are not in Iraq because of the oil. I disagree. I look at the data Kissfan dug up. I look at the lies the administration put forward as reasons to go to war. Iraq has oil. We are driven by the need for gas/oil for our automobiles and remember, our president has a penchant for oil companies.

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