Sunday, June 26, 2005


Well hell... and thanks

I was using Technorati to search for something I had posted. When the results came up, I found that a name, I didn't want to see, was showing up. I was pissed. How did that happen? I skimmed their help section. I found this: How do I change my user name?
For security purposes, changing a user's name is not an option. If you wish to change your user name you must cancel your current Technorati membership and create a new account with your desired user name. [TOP]
. I went to the delete link and I sent an E-mail to their support section telling them I wanted my name changed to oldwhitelady. I went back and found that I could change my "profile". I did so. Oh, good. names are now what I don't mind showing. I went back and sent them another E-mail "Never mind".
I remembered that Wordlackey had a post The Freak in Me Speaks about privacy on the Internet. I went on a hunt...

In searching his blog, I read some posts, made some comments, read some other comments. I found a helpful comment by Dark Wraith, containing this hint Second, use the "target=_blank" attribute when you put a link in one of your articles. This causes the linked page to open in a new window so you don't lose your visitor in the comment section of Obsessive Blog Stat Track.
Thanks to Wordlackey and Dark Wraith! I learn something new every day!

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