Friday, November 25, 2005


Friday Cat Blogging - New Girl on the Block

Meet Lady Fortuna. I decided it would be easier to introduce a new kitty, now. I was out on the local animal shelter website and saw this little gal's picture. She looked a lot like Saddie from the picture, I thought she might be his sibling. His litter had two blue and white kittens, but it turns out, she is not blue and white. I completed my application, had the interview and, along with a $90. bribe (actually the donation fee) they allowed me to adopt her. We are still sad, but now the boys get hissed at, too. Cotton was so mournful, tonight. He finally came out of hiding (he disappeared as soon as I brought in the new cat). He was crying for his friend. He even jumped up on the washer/dryer to look in the cabinet for Saddie.

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