Saturday, December 31, 2005



I finally got a DVD player last December... December 2004. I've kind of messed around trying to get it hooked up. I would buy a cable here and there when finding that what was supplied didn't do the trick. At this time, I have the following parts. I tried to hook it up through the VCR, this morning, and got a blue picture with no sound. I finally took pictures and put them all together. I printed it out and might take it to the local Radio Shack (if I can find the place - I guess it's in the phone book) and ask them for help. All I want to do is plug the damn DVD player into the TV and watch (and hear) the DVD! Oh, and that stupid User's Manual provided.....It only shows how to hook it up if you have the newer TV! F*ckers!! Take deep breath! *smiling* but I'm okay now:) Buying Your First DVD PlayerIf you have an older TV set, the AV receptacles described above may not be present, in which case there's a possible big problem: it might not be easy to hook a DVD player up to your TV. If your older TV doesn't have AV receptacles, I'd recommend postponing the purchase of a DVD player until you get a newer TV—after all, videotape is still a pretty good way to watch a movie. However, if you're bound and determined to hook up a DVD player to your older TV set, you can probably do it. If your TV set provides a cable TV-style (that is, coaxial) connector, you can probably connect the cables that come with the DVD player to your TV through a device called an RF modulator, which you can buy for $20 to $30. And by the way, you might think you could get around this problem by connecting your DVD player to a VCR that is in turn connected to a TV, but this is usually a bad idea: the video and/or audio you get when you play a DVD with this setup is likely to be unsatisfactory.

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