Sunday, December 18, 2005


Check out his photos, too.

I'm glad he's not too busy, taking photos of himself in the mirror, to write. Eli usually writes some very thought provoking posts at his blog. As I read this one, I thought, Isn't that the truth?
Breaking The Law Is AWESOME!!!
...However, there is one aspect of it that I haven't seen addressed, and that is the discrepancy between the level of anti-terrorism commitment the Administration pretends to have, vs. the level of commitment they've actually demonstrated thus far...
...For me, it begs the question: Is preventing terror attacks the end which justifies the means of violating individual rights, or are those violations an end unto themselves?
Good question. I'm beginning to think (or maybe that thought was there, but now being visualized) that the violations ARE an end unto themselves.

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