Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Hatred, Rape, Abuse

The Fat Lady Sings has an article posted at Daily Kos, asking the question: Why Do So Many Men Hate Women?
There are a lot of men out there who really hate women. I mean really, really hate them - want them suffering and/or dead hate them As with a certain class of racist, they prefer to blame every woman for any slight - real or imagined - done to them throughout the entirety of their lives. I have been appalled lately by the tone and tenor of rhetoric flying around especially as regards the subject of rape.

I posted on this issue - here, and at a variety of other web sites, most of whom were either discussing the Oregon Case, or the anniversary of the Canadian Massacre. You would think that, universally, rape would be considered wrong - along with all violence against women. Well - evidently that's not the case. Many men went beyond mere paternalistic chiding that we woman were too `fixated' on the subject; I read posts overflowing with name-calling, venom spewing gender specific hatred; some of the comments tipping the scale so far into the red, alarms went off.
I have no answers. I wish there wasn't hatred in the world. Since there is, I wish haters would find a way to get along with the people they hate. Rape is an ugly hate crime. I remember back some years ago, reading a newspaper article about an angry father who castrated his daughter's rapist. I'm not going to say that was the right way to handle it, but I can certainly understand why he did it. In The Fat Lady Sings' post at her blog, she has taken a couple comments and discussed them. Apparently, one fellow has indicated that 45-50% rapes being reported are shams. Oh, really? I wonder where he got his information. I know a couple women who did not report being raped for fear (or embarrassment) that other people would find out they had been raped. As far as spousal abuse goes, no one should ever have to stay in an abusive relationship.

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