Monday, December 26, 2005


Time for Dreams

Common Dreams, that is. Here's an article from Ralph Nader. Bush/Cheney Have Disgraced Their Office; They Should Resign
...An illegal, criminal war means that every related U.S. death and injury, every related Iraqi civilian death and injury, every person tortured, every home and building destroyed become war crimes as a result - under established international law.

There are those on talk radio or cable shows who scoff at international law. They rarely tell their audiences that the United States has played a key role in establishing these treaties, like the Geneva Conventions, and the United Nations Charter. When these treaties are agreed to by the U.S. government, they become as binding as our federal laws.

By these legal standards and by the requirements of the U.S. Constitution (Article 1, Section 8, the war-declaring authority), George W. Bush and Dick Cheney are probably the most impeachable President and Vice President in American history. An illegal war based on lies, deceptions, cover-ups and their repetition even after being told by officials in their own administration - not to mention critical retired generals, diplomats and security specialists - of their falsity should have prodded the House of Representatives into initiating impeachment proceedings. But then, Bush did not lie under oath about sex...
It always seemed crazy to me how we are quick to yell about other countries not abiding by the Geneva Conventions, but we feel that it's fine for us not to. Further down in the article, Nader talks about the Domestic Eavesdropping.
...The crime, says Professor David Cole of Georgetown Law School, is "punishable by five years in prison." Professor Jonathan Turley of George Washington University Law School said that the President ordered such a crime and ordered US officials to commit it..this is a serious felony..what happened here is not just a violation of Federal law, it's a violation of the U.S. impeachable offense."...
And there we have it. It's time to clean up the government. Having criminals in the presidential and vice-presidential seats of our country does not look good for the USA. How can we tell other countries that what they're doing is wrong, when we have leaders like this? It makes us a laughingstock to the world.

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