Sunday, December 18, 2005


Took kitty photos today

The first kitty is Sgt Mango Goldstein. He's trying to keep warm by laying on the register. To the right of him is Sweet Lady Fortuna. She was definitely worth the donation to the Humane Society. The cat under Mango is Rocky. She's a beautiful semi longhaired tortoise-shell, but this is as close as I can get to her at this time. She moved in on Tuesday. She was living at a home that had 17 cats, several dogs, and one person. She is supposed to be a very friendly tame cat. You can't tell it by my hands. She bit me several times, two different occasions, on Wednesday. I decided to let her take her time getting to know me. Cotton is the other cat. His sadness, about Saddie being gone, has slightly lifted. Lady Fortuna and he have devised a little game to play. She hides behind a doorway and jumps out at him when he walks by. They are both very gentle shy cats and play sweetly.

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