Wednesday, December 21, 2005


We're all risk takers

Back in college, my Communications professor started one session, telling us why he considers himself a, "Risktaker". Sure, the examples he gave were exciting and daring, but.... While I don't eat out as much as some folks, I do tend to go to lunch buffets at Pizza or Chinese places. When I read articles like this, though, I am reminded of the risks involved in eating away from home, but then I remember that just about everything we do has risks, of some sort. Court OKs Payments in Hepatitis Case

PITTSBURGH (AP) -- Nearly 5,000 people who got inoculations to ward off hepatitis will be each mailed checks for $162.23 next month from the bankrupt restaurant chain tied to a food-poisoning outbreak two years ago.

Chi-Chi's Inc. will pay $800,000 to those who had to get shots because they ate at a western Pennsylvania restaurant during the outbreak or because they were closely related to someone who got sick.

More than 600 people were sickened, and four eventually died, from eating at the Chi-Chi's in the Beaver Valley Mall. The settlement doesn't cover those who sued for other medical damages or death...

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