Monday, January 02, 2006 was wondering where I was...

Since it is the new year, I was thinking about my yard and how great it was when I used to have some roses from a company called Jackson & Perkins. This was many years ago, when I lived elsewhere. Lately, the roses I've bought have come from Aldi's or Walmart. I had one plant that was so gorgeous (reddish pinkish orange blossums) all summer long, then died during the winter. Currently, I have some climbing roses and that's about it. I have one rose bush that I'm not sure if it's a climber or regular, but it didn't do well, last year. I finally remembered to look on the Internet(s) for J&P. They have such wonderful pictures. The first three , Tahitian Sunset, Spellbound, and Beloved are going to be planted when they arrive in April. They're a bit more expensive, but they sure are pretty! I'm happy! Oops.. look at this one: Perfect Moment Hybrid Tea Rose. It's coming home in April, too.

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