Saturday, January 14, 2006


Canadian Elections - our neighbor

When thinking about, "what if I wanted to move to Canada?" I realize I would be worried about the elections coming up, January 23rd. I have not read extensively on the different sectors of the Canadian government, but it sounds as though the Conservative party is very similar to the Republican party in the United States.

With the current administration running United States, we have gone further and further into debt. We are immersed in war that might never be finished. It sounds as though our leaders want to start another war or two. With leaders like this, it is a very uncertain future.

The Canadian voters should look at the United States and ask themselves if this is the type of country they want. If it is not, they should make sure to soundly vote against their Conservative party.

Faramin makes a very good case with Canadian elections: Strategic voting; right this time.

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