Wednesday, January 04, 2006



Last night, AOL was showing an article that the 12 miners were alive. I felt relief for the families. I said to the cats, "Oh, good!" This morning, when the radio came, the report change from 12 alive to 1 alive, was so saddening. Miners' Families, Friends Want Answers Those poor people. My heart and sympathy goes out to them.

On the way home from work, the radio said that at least 50 Iraqies have been killed throughout the day. Many were victims of Suicide Bomber Strikes Funeral in Iraq a suicide bomber or car bombings. Unfortunately, as long as the occupation goes on, the bombings will continue.

The news is filled with so much grief. I decided to show a cute picture to help alleviate some of the sadness.
Lady Fortuna and Rocky Girl.

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