Sunday, January 22, 2006


Good morning:)

Did anyone watch SNL last night? I was sitting in my chair and a couple cats were laying around. Cotton was in hiding, sleeping, behind the loveseat (I would never have known, had the Cat Fancy skit not been shown.) The TV was on, turned to SNL. The skit had the evening's host, Peter Sarsgaard, as the boss and Seth Meyers as the columnist employee.

I heard cat wailing, so I turned off the sound. I didn't hear it anymore. I turned the sound back on. There went the wailing again and I didn't know where Cotton was. I turned the sound off. Nothing. I turned the sound back on, and realized that it was Cat Fancy magazine, they were talking about, then I saw the cats.

Rocky Girl heard the cats and ran down the hallway, then came back. She listened and ran back down the hallway. She came back. Cotton showed up from behind the love seat, trying to figure out where the cats were. Oh, it was great fun! The skit was enjoyable, too. The boss was firing the columnist because all his stories were fabricated, such as the Siamese cat babysitting 70? or some large number of kittens. Another was about a cat who did something? but was also elected Mayor. All through it, Seth has different cats sitting on his lap. In the end, he says, "I'm taking my assistant with me," and grabs up one of the cats and walks out of the office.

The other skit, that made my evening, was the one where two older ladies (one was Rachel Dratch, but I don't know who the other was) were talking on the phone, unaware their phone call was secretly being monitored.

They talked about "Brokeback Mountain," but couldn't get the name right. The monitor finally broke his silence and told them the name. They didn't seem to realize where the name came from, just said something like, "That's it, Brokeback Mountain." One told the other that her son? gave her a great stock tip, hold on and she would find it. The monitor was all ready to write it down. She found it and said, "I.B.M."

The monitor was disgusted and threw his headset down. The ladies then started discussing Medicare and one asked if the burning down of the Whitehouse was still on. The other said that it was. Of course, it was too late, the secret monitor had already gone.

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