Friday, January 27, 2006


Horrible accidents.

I tried to post this earlier, but Blogger was down.

Young Fla. Crash Victims From Close Clan
..."It's hard to fathom what it's like to lose five children, two nieces and a father in one shot. It seems like a burden too big to bear," said Scott Fisher, a family spokesman and pastor at the Lake Butler Church of Christ...

Ill. Truck Crash Kills Six People
..."The information IDOT has was that he was speeding and driving erratically, and that he crossed over and struck two vehicles head-on," Claffey said.

Two tractor-trailers and a pickup truck were among the other vehicles that crashed. At least one more person was injured, Claffey said, though he didn't have information on the person's condition...

Sad times, for sure. My sympathies to the families. We never know when tragedy will strike! The more people there are, the more autos on the road. The more autos on the road, the more accidents. It's one of those "round and round we go" type things. I was reading News of the Weird, the other day, in my daily paper, and that particular article told about these two guys who had been drinking all evening. They called a cab, because they didn't want to endanger others. They were killed when a drunk driver hit their cab. Shoot!

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