Wednesday, January 11, 2006


In a hurry to grow up.

This child is certainly in a hurry to grow up. If he gets a fine, he should have to pay for it out of his pocket money, if he gets any. Otherwise, he should get chores to do until the fine is paid off. It's too dangerous for a 7 year old to be driving.
Tenn. Boy, 7, Caught Driving Family Pickup.
Eager to get his driver's license, a 7-year-old boy put on his seat belt and remembered to use his turn signal as he took his parents' pickup truck out for a spin, leading police on a slow pursuit around town.

Officers initially thought they were chasing a drunken driver Monday night.
In the past, several people have mentioned how they were allowed to steer the car when they were around this age. I don't think that's such a good idea, because it does give a child the thought that, "I know how to drive. If I could only get my hands on the keys."

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