Monday, January 30, 2006


Muzzle up.

Climate Expert Says NASA Tried to Silence Him.
...He fell out of favor with the White House in 2004 after giving a speech at the University of Iowa before the presidential election, in which he complained that government climate scientists were being muzzled and said he planned to vote for Senator John Kerry.

But Dr. Hansen said that nothing in 30 years equaled the push made since early December to keep him from publicly discussing what he says are clear-cut dangers from further delay in curbing carbon dioxide...

...Dr. Hansen's supervisor, Franco Einaudi, said there had been no official "order or pressure to say shut Jim up." But Dr. Einaudi added, "That doesn't mean I like this kind of pressure being applied."...

...Dr. Travis said he walked into Ms. McCarthy's office in mid-December at the end of one of the calls from Mr. Deutsch demanding that Dr. Hansen be better controlled...

I guess he's lucky he's still around and functioning. If you believe the stories about Clinton, they had lots of folks taken care of. I think, by seeing Bush and his minions on TV, Bush would be 10 times as heavy handed as Clinton.

Oh, wow! ... I just noticed this article I Will Not Support Hillary Clinton for President by Molly Ivins. This was what we (some folks hanging out together, trying to figure out the problems of the world) were discussing, this weekend!

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