Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Offbeat News

I looked at the AP Breaking: National and noticed a tab called "Offbeat News". I decided to check it out.
Police: Weaving Driver Distracted by PornI'm thinking that's a little worse than cell phone drivers.:)
Man Gets Wallet Back After Nearly 40 Years Nice story.
Couple Plead No Contest to Running Brothel Across from the police station.
Dozens of Manhole Covers Stolen in Ind.
They'll need to find a new way to lock the covers down, I guess.
Stuntman Parachutes Off Mexico Skyscraper
He parachuted down then jumped in a Hummer to avoid arrest.
Mixed-Breed Rescued Dog Wins Online Show Another nice story.
Pastor Gets 18 Months for Selling Church What would Jesus do?
Animal Carcasses Force Smelly DetourUgh...
Man OK After Falling 130 Feet From Copter Well, I guess that's one good use for snow!
Stumbling Tourist Smashes Rare China Vases I wonder if he'll have to pay anything.
The stories on that page were different, yet interesting. Nothing earthshaking, but still something to wonder about!

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