Saturday, January 07, 2006


Open Thread

I was telling some co-workers how we had to ride the cattle before my parents would get us horses, and so we learned to ride by cow-riding. One asked, "how did you learn to swim?" I explained that my older brother took me out to the post in the middle of a small pond and left me there to swim back by myself. He went back to the house, I guess. Anyway, I finally tired of hollering and holding on, making the decision to try my best to swim. I plunged on ahead and dogpaddled my way back to the bank. Looking at the pond, now, I realize it was a very shallow pond. I probably could have just held my breath and walked on my tippy toes to shore. I remember that I was certainly proud of myself: I could finally swim. Response from co-worker, "I figured it would be something like that!"

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