Tuesday, January 17, 2006


They wrote my post for me...

Bryan, at Why Now, reminds us that today was Benjamin Franklin's birthday. Bryan gives a link to Franklin's online autobiography. Amazing guy, was Benjamin Franklin!

Alicia, at Last Left Turn Before Hooterville, wrote an open letter to Al Gore.

Rexroth's Daughter, at Dharma Bums, has noted the lyrics from James Taylor's song, Belfast to Boston, which are so very thoughtful, just about now. She also tells a wonderful story (and links to it) of the saving the life of a whale who was caught in crab pots and lines.

The Fat Lady Sings, at The Fat Lady Sings, has a very shocking and interesting article about a fertility festival she happened upon.

SB_Gypsy, at The Gypsy's Caravan, has some beautiful pictures from a visit to Old Sturbridge Village.

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