Sunday, January 01, 2006


WP calls it Grammatik and it's easy to use.

As I drove to my sister's house, I was listening to a country station. I was irritated by an advertisement I've heard several times, recently. I wonder to whom they're gearing this. The advertisement went something like this:

male voice: "Honey, I'm home."
female voice: "Me and the girls are having our book club meeting"
male voice: "Oh, I'm outta here," and he leaves...
female voice: "Now, I can tell you about the Harley I'm getting...."

Now, I know my grammar isn't always the best, however; I don't know what type of crap they're spewing, with the Me and the girls (and book club, puleeze) but it seemed kind of illiterate, to me.

Update: Since I'm pissing and moaning about nothing, how about that stupid song, "Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off"? Excuse me, "HER CLOSETS MISSING HALF THE THINGS SHE BOUGHT" - it sounds to me like she needs to stop drinking Tequila. The guy singing the song makes it sound like it's just one of those cute antics. It's NOT. She's being irresponsible and air-headed! Whew! That song really irritated me when I first heard it. Could you tell? It still rubs me the wrong way, but not as bad.

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