Sunday, February 26, 2006


Good morning - it's Sunday

and that means I went to church. Since this is February, my church has a sermon on Black History Month
...And as for this so-called, "Black History Month," it's a load of hooey! What do you think the liberals will be forcing us to celebrate next? Jew History Month? Homo History Month? Frankly, my Christian friends, it frightens the living Hell out of me - and it should YOU!...
There are all sorts of ministers who like to spew the hatred, but you can't beat Pastor Deacon Fred's sermons for some good downhome righteous hating!

**In reading the sermons, Pastor Deacon Fred does sound like some of these ministers who like to blame others-not-like-them for natural disasters, etc. I'm glad LBC is just a spoof site. Can you imagine if the readers were real believers? I know there are actually churches out there that have such a hatred toward other people. It's sad they manage to get so many sheep to follow.

***Pastor Hospitalized Over Panic Attack Related to Success of Brokeback Mountain!

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