Saturday, February 25, 2006


"Moral Objection" from Missouri

Bill’s effect on the pill is in dispute
...But days after a Senate committee approved a bill that aims to protect the "conscience rights" of pharmacists, activists in both camps said the measure could protect pharmacists who refuse to dispense the birth control pill...

...Samuel Lee of Campaign Life Missouri said yesterday that he’s never heard of a pharmacist in Missouri refusing dispensing regular birth control, but he said it’s possible the bill would apply in such cases...
Basically, pharmacists could have a "moral objection" to women purchasing birth control, and refuse to sell them. If I find out a pharmacy I use did something like that, I would be boycotting the place. There are plenty of other pharmacies that would be able to sell me the pills prescribed by my physician. I hope most people have a like mind. If a pharmacy chooses not to sell the "morning after" pill, or birth control, they really don't need to be in business. I wonder if there are any pharmacists who have a "moral objection" to killing animals for use in medicine?

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