Thursday, February 23, 2006



Position opening: working with animal skins and making drums

NYC Man in Pa. Said Infected With Anthrax
...It was not clear whether Diomande came into contact with the deadly substance in Africa or in this country. But Mayor Michael Bloomberg said it was related to his job making drums from animal skins...

...Anthrax spores are found in soil in many parts of the world, and livestock can become infected by eating contaminated soil or feed. People can then pick up the infection if they come into contact with contaminated hides or other animal parts...

...Frieden said Diomande was breathing on his own and appeared to be "doing better than people with respiratory anthrax usually do."

Diomande has been a dancer and drummer since he was a child, according to a Web site for his dance troupe...
I'm wondering if the dancing background has something to do with his "doing better". Dancers exercise more than the average person.

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