Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Wild and crazy news

Arrested Driver Drives Away in Patrol Car
..."When the family arrived on the scene, the officer got out to (tell) the family members ... what was going on," Fontaine said.

As Toston's car was being driven away by his family, Toston "got out of the back seat (of the deputy's patrol car) and got into the front seat," the sheriff said.

Toston then drove away in the deputy's vehicle, Fontaine said...
I wonder what happened to the officer? Do you think he got a reprimand?

First Grader Finds Pot Bags in Locker
SYRACUSE, N.Y. (AP) -- Police said a first-grader found more than 20 bags of marijuana in her locker.

The 6-year-old Franklin Magnet School student "took her hat out of the locker to go home from school ... and when she went to put it on, the bags fell out," said school district spokesman Neil Driscoll on Monday...
Now, that is bizarre! Where on earth would the pot come from? Who would put it in a first grader's locker?

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