Monday, February 20, 2006


the world's No. 5 oil exporter

Chavez Warns Rice, 'Don't Mess With Me, Girl'
...The warning comes days after Rice described Venezuela as one of the "biggest problems" for the Western Hemisphere and promised to develop regional alliances as part of an "inoculation" strategy to expose what the State Department calls anti-democratic behavior in Venezuela...

...The State Department says Chavez is using the nation's bountiful oil wealth to meddle in the affairs of neighboring countries, and has slammed him for boosting ties to U.S. foes like Cuba and Iran...
Doesn't he know that only U.S. can meddle in the affairs of other countries... It seems that our admin is only content when stirring the trouble pot. They feel they can call other countries names, such as "Axis of Evil". When they are called on their own actions, they start pointing the finger, again, and drumming that war drum. I am reminded of bullies. If Venezuala didn't have all that lovely oil, we would be ignoring them.

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