Wednesday, March 22, 2006


$70,000 a month

Boozer, Prince reportedly clash over home
Carlos Boozer - NBA - rented his home to Prince - the singer - at $70,000. a month rent. Wow! That's a huge rent payment. Apparently, Prince wasn't supposed to make home improvements (unauthorized by Boozer, I guess). The article says Prince painted the exterior purple striped. He put his emblem (the artist formerly known as Prince) and the numbers 3121 (name of his newest album) on the home, and made additional changes, inside the place, too. Boozer has dropped the suit, but could still refile charges, if Prince makes additional changes.

Prince, honey, you can rent my place for... oh, I don't know.... how about $7000. a month? Even though I just painted the exterior, last fall, I'll let you repaint it purple.

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