Saturday, March 04, 2006


I'll have a salty dog, please!

I was looking at one of the papers (hard copy) and saw an article about a school removing the salt shakers from their cafeteria. According to a study done, they found too much salt in school lunches. The students didn't appreciate the concern for their health, and some brought in their own salt shakers. The school has now put back the shakers because they don't want students bringing their own from home. They know what they put in the cafeteria shakers, but don't know what the white powder might be that children were bringing. I thought it was a pretty funny article. I looked up the site for the newspaper, but it has not yet been updated for today's stories. When it has been, I'll add the link.

Update - here's the link Sodium scare prompts school’s saltshaker shuffle ... and boy, is it punny!

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