Monday, March 06, 2006


Products that work!

Growing up on a farm, and having to help milk cows, we used these items a lot on the udders of the cattle. They were always getting chapped or getting cut from branches and stuff that were sticking up from the ground. Cattle don't seem to look at what might be in the way, when they walk or run in the pastures. Anyway, we found that these salves work great on human cuts, chapped hands, etc. During the winter, I tend to get chapped hands, sometimes. Slap some of the salve on at night, and presto, in the morning, the pain is gone. The Bag Balm and Udder Balm are items we used from way back when. I have a can of each. The cats have gotten to try them, too. The Udderly Smooth is a product I recently found. It works great as hand lotion. It also has a nice soft smell.

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