Saturday, March 11, 2006


Religious story... pretend it's Sunday

Bryan at Why Now? has this post about who's talking to God: Doesn't God Do Background Checks?. Great post and I love the title!

Well, I like anything with a hint religious. I usually like to hold off until Sunday, but I thought up a short story to explain an article at Since I was typing the story, I decided to post it, too:

"Confound it, where's my Bible?" I ask myself as I look around the room. Spying it on the coffee table, I grab it and prepare to head out the door. I don't want to be late for Bible study. The doorbell rings. I answer it. Wow! There's a beautiful young lady standing there.

"Strippo-gram! It's already paid for," she sings.

The tired blood in my veins becomes energized, racing. I invite her in. As I close the door, it's suddenly jerked out of my hands. A young man stands there, pointing a knife at me.

"You had sex with one of the girls, twice, and didn't pay! Pay up, Dirtbag!" he yells at me.

The cute stripper runs up my stairs.
"Hey, where's she going? ...and anyway, the other girl and I only did it once. The other time, she fell asleep before I could..."

The guy hit me and tied me up.

The stripper came running down the stairs, holding my Viagra and some thong underwear. Soon, they left. They tried to steal my car, but it was out of gas. Hell, I never did get that strip-show... Hmm...I guess I didn't make it to Bible study, either. Don't believe me?
Man Says Stripper Delivered a Rob-O-Gram

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