Saturday, March 11, 2006


Struck my funny bone!

I like to share my Friday cat blogging pictures with the girls at work, on Friday nights. When I first started showing them, they didn't know what a blog was. I explained and showed them mine. So.... Last night, the youngest person (excluding the young man, recently hired) in our area was the boss.. and she's in her thirties, so she's no "spring chicken". The other ladies are all older than I. Anyway, a couple of the young chicks from a different area came in and asked to use the computer next to me (it was a light night). One girl opened up her account on MySpace and was showing pictures to the other. One of my co-workers asked the girl, "Oh, do you have a blog?" It hit me as pretty amusing that, as aged (or should that be "seasoned"?) as we are, we all know what blogs are:)

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