Saturday, March 18, 2006


Your Man

Your Man, by Josh Turner, is a country song. At my evening job, we've been listening to country for the last couple weeks. When G came in last night, she said, "I hope they play that song." Of course, the rest of us said, "Yeah, me too." The song came on and we were quite pleased. I noticed, that amongst the other noise of the room, there was a lot of humming going on. It sounded as though there was a horde of bees in the place.

Once the song was over, G said, "I hope they play it again." Since I bought the CD, and received it in the mail, yesterday, I told her I would bring it to work, and we could play it over and over and over;) Turner has a fantastically deep voice. When we googled him, we found he's just a young pup. G mentioned that by listening to the voice, she thought he was a much older man.

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