Saturday, April 29, 2006


Blood pressure rising

Let Us Now Spit Upon The Earth This article talked about Bush and his blatherings on Earth Day. I think I enjoyed this paragraph, the most:
...Bush on Earth Day. It's like Satan talking up the joys of Easter. It's like Paris Hilton chatting about treating the planet with humility and grace. It's like Jerry Falwell gushing about his love of Brokeback Mountain, Eli Lilly extolling the virtues of meditation and green tea. It is, in a word, embarrassing. Humiliating. Intellectually bludgeoning. And hypocritical in a way, and at a depth, that is as nauseating to stomach as the testosterone levels at a Duke lacrosse frat party...
US Says Iran Top Terror Sponsor The title says it all, but here's an excerpt:
...The US report says other state sponsors of terrorism include Libya, North Korea, Sudan, Syria and Cuba...
Is this any way to thank the soldiers for fighting the fight their president requested of them? I'm glad to see that they're not pursuing the deceased! Report: Injured Soldiers Drowning In Medical Debt
...The report from the Government Accountability Office said another 400 who died in the wars had $300,000 in debt but that the Defense Department doesn't pursue collection of people killed in combat.

"We found that hundreds of separated battle-injured soldiers were pursued for collection of military debts incurred through no fault of their own," said the report. It said that included seeking reimbursement for errors in pay or for equipment left on the battlefield...
Who is going to pay for all these costs? I think the pro-war bunch should have to pony up fees to help defray the cost. How Many US Troops are Really in Iraq? How Much is the War in Iraq Costing?
The Congressional Research Service has just released a new report on the past and possible future costs of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Pending Congress’ action on the new emergency supplemental, which should complete fiscal year 2006 expenses, the costs will be up to $439 billion by the end of this year.
Chernobyl Kills While Bought ex-Greenpeacer Shills
...But I saw the deformed animals. I spoke to the sick children and their dying parents. America has been fed some big lies lately, but the biggest ever told remains "no one died at Three Mile Island." ...
Pentagon Halts Contractor Clearances Interestingly, some of those on hold are for the Department of Homeland Security!
...The Defense Security Service blames, in part, the sheer volume of requests. Between October and March, more than 100,000 security-clearance applications were submitted.

The service is also struggling with a budget shortfall, McGovern said, noting that its funding was cut by $20 million this year. McGovern said she did not know how much of a shortfall the agency faces...
I was thinking of how people, during their day to day lives, say things on the phone that they really wouldn't like anyone (except the person they're talking to) knowing. People talk about their enemies, their friends, stupid things the kids did or said, how pissed they might be at the boss, embarrassing moments, shady dealings and/or lies:
"When I slipped and fell, my dress flew up and exposed all for the crowd to see. I could have just died, I wish the floor would have opened up so I could have fallen in."
"God, I have the cramps, my period's just started and I feel like shit."
"You know, I really think that Steve is a hottie. I could go for him in a moment, but don't you go telling Ricky."
"Heck yea, I got a real deal on that boat. I didn't pay the whole sales tax, either. The guy just wrote the amount, I asked him to write, on the back of the title."
"It's a secret, but I don't use meat in the meatloaf."
"I really wasn't wearing my seatbelt, but I told the officer I was so I wouldn't have to pay the seatbelt fine."
"Heh, heh, yeah, I cheated on my golf score."
"I bought those fish from a kid sitting on the edge of the lake. I took them home and told the little wife I caught them!"
My scenarios are tame, but I am sure there are much steamier conversations going on, all having nothing to do with terrorism. The public should not have to watch what they say for fear they'll be monitored! Illegal spy tactics are just that, illegal! According to the second article, the lawsuit threatens to expose... secrets, well, just what do they think their monitoring was doing to individuals? U.S.: FBI Sought Info Without Court OK
The FBI secretly sought information last year on 3,501 U.S. citizens and legal residents from their banks and credit card, telephone and Internet companies without a court's approval, the Justice Department said Friday.
Feds move to dismiss lawsuit challenging spy tactics
...The government, in a filing here late Friday, said the lawsuit threatens to expose government and military secrets and therefore should be tossed. The administration added that its bid to intervene in the case should not be viewed as a concession that the allegations are true...
Now this article doesn't bother me, but I thought it was interesting because of all the stories I've read about the horrors of being caught with drugs, in Mexico. Mexico proposes decriminalizing pot and cocaine

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