Sunday, April 30, 2006


Busy busy busy...

Potato plants. Seven have come up.
Remember when I said I was going to roofcoat the roof? It rained all day, Saturday. This morning, it looked like it might rain some more. The sun finally came out, but it's kind of windy. I'm putting it off. I did, however, buy the roofcoating. It was more than I expected.

Since I had the day to do other things, I went shopping at Walmart! Isn't that what we're supposed to do on Sundays? I purchased my fishing license, 3 geraniums, 10 or 16 tomato, 2 pepper, 6 zucchini, and 6 cucumber plants. I planted them. I figured since the soil was damp, they should get a good start. After I take a picture of my garden, and post it, don't laugh. When I plant things, I just dig a hole, put the plant in, push soil around it, and hope for the best. The rows are not straight. The plants might be too close. I'm not too fussy about it. It works for me.

The reason I went to Walmart was to get a lamp. I had one of those halogen lamps and it quit working. Last night, I stopped and picked up the funny bulb the lamp used (along with the roofcoating - Walmart doesn't carry it). I installed the bulb, and the light still didn't work. It had been giving me trouble, by not coming on immediately, anyway. Wouldn't you know, Walmart didn't have that type of lamp. I found a lamp similar, but it uses different bulbs. It's now all put together and ready for use. Thank goodness! I was tired of trying to read by the light of the wall lamp, sitting on the computer chair. Meanwhile, Lady Fortuna took over my favorite chair.

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